• How to Choose a Car Charger?

    Due to the pandemic, everywhere has become an office. However, more and more people are on the go as people learn to live and work in this new normal. These two factors make the ability to charge on t

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  • What’s GaN? And why’s it the next big thing in charging?

    Standards is a series explaining various tech protocols, looking at their practical implementation, and where we could find them in devices around us.Fast charging is one of the most useful features i

    2021-11-11 志泽 42

  • What is NAS (Network Attached Storage) and why is NAS Important?

    What is NAS (Network Attached Storage) and why is NAS Important?It is accepted that data is a critical asset for companiesWithout access to their corporate data, companies may not be capable of servin

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  • 绿联首款65W氮化镓充电器发售

    期待已久的绿联首款氮化镓充电器终于面世啦!氮化镓作为第三代新型半导体材料,具有硬度高频率高稳定性强等诸多特点,用氮化镓材料的充电器比传统充电器效率更高,体积也更小。那么绿联这款首发的65W氮化镓充电器表现如何呢,一起看看吧。充电器外观绿联65W氮化镓(GaN)充电器外观为方形折叠头设计,外壳用的是PC防火材料,工艺为抛光亮面;充电器尺寸为52*52*33 mm,大小约为银行卡的一半,比传统的PD

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